Ramadan Advent Calendar

$71.00 USD

Ramadan Advent Calendar is a fun & exciting way to introduce younger kids to Ramadan and encourage older kids to fast during the Holy month.

This handmade calendar features 30 pockets for each day of the month, the possibilities for pocket stocking are endless! Here are some of the examples:

✦ Small presents like toys, stationery, candy & other treats
✦ Coupons, movie tickets, fun park passes
✦ Cards with tasks for older kids (Quran reading, memorization)

The listing is for the Calendar only and does not include toys & the dowel rod (can be purchased in most of the craft stores).

Materials: white cotton canvas, non-toxic black ink. Approximate size is 21 inch x 22 inch. Spot wash or cold water wash recommended, hang to dry. Handmade in Canada, Knooz original illustrations and design.

Important notice:
The orders will be shipped out within 1-2 weeks.

***Price in US Dollars
***Free shipping to US and Canada